Ring of Songs 2016 – Semarang

Welcome to Ring of Songs 2016!

This year, we bring you again the music from around the world. The music will be very amusing and absolutely we can take you into the music. In this year, we will bring the concept of Ring of Songs not only in Jakarta, but also the Venetië van Java! It’s Semarang. We will colaborate with PSM Undip and Karangturi Choir!

The artistics of Eric Whitacre, Daniel Elder, Will Todd, Moses Hogan, René Clausen, Rainier Revireino, and the other famous composers, always make you part of the art. Yes, lets be part of us, cause we only serve for 1.000 people! Book now, and check the place and time:

14 August 2016
06.30 PM
Sekolah Nasional Karangturi – Teater Liem Liang Peng.

Platinum 100k
Gold 75k

Asnia – 085640702649

The world makes you Study and Work Hard. But when you unite within the Art, it just makes you SING HARDER!