BSSC Culture Share

BSSC Culture Division Presents

“Travelling Asia in a Night”


This event will be held on:
Day, date: Friday, December 8th 2017
Time: 6 – 9 PM
Place: Exhibition Area

¤ So what will we do in this event?

There will be Fortune Telling?, Karaoke?, Photo booth?, Performances?, and other fun things?


¤ How much does this event cost? ?
It costs ONLY Rp35.000, and you’ll get a lot of benefits ?


¤ What are the benefits?
• Get 4 different kinds of food from different Country ? (Exchange Students will cook it for you ?)
• 1 drink
• Doorprize
• Performances
• New friends ???


¤ But what if we can’t join the event? Can we still buy the food?
The answer is yes ? we will sell it out from the event which will cost Rp10.000/ food and Rp3.000/ drink.


So what are you waiting for??
Come and join our event, we can have dinner together and hang out with new friends ??


For more details you can contact:

• Shania Lazuardy
LINE: k_ariri


• Cindy Patricia


♡ This event is for boarders only ♡