BNEC New Member Recruitment (Even Semester)

Sometimes people change their mind, and sometimes the opportunity comes. After the opening of the biggest member recruitment during the Freshmen Enrichment Program, BNEC gives another chance for Binusian who wants to be part of BNEC as the Best Student Organization. People who regret the decision on passing through BNEC’s stand during the expo now will get the second chance. This NMR also opens for those Binusian who want to be the Active Member in BNEC. So, before they can apply to be an Active Member, they have to be a member first. Not only that, in this NMR, the new registrant can also get a TOEFL Test to decide which class they’ll get. They will also receive a TOEFL certificate from the test which they can use for many things including passing the university Final Essay.