International Conference on Biospheric Harmony Advanced research (ICOBAR) 2020

International Conference on Biospheric Harmony Advanced research (ICOBAR) is an annual international conference hosted by Bina Nusantara (BINUS) University. The conference provides a platform for participants to discuss the following topics of sustainable infrastructure, engineering, computing, finance, development, and society. With the aim to promote the notion of biospheric harmony as a concept to highlight human efforts to live in harmony with the environment, the ICOBAR invites scientific papers from domestic and international speakers and participants. We welcome researchers and practitioners from academia, industries, research institutions, R&D enterprise, and governmental organizations to exchange innovative ideas and contribution around the conference topics.

ICOBAR focuses on creating the future by acknowledging the fact that humans make unsustainable use of the earth, and this creates an inherent conflict between the whole ecosystems and human needs. In addition, as one of the most challenging issues in this century, advancement of Industry 4.0 presents an imminent threat to the planet’s life-sustaining ecological systems. In the same way, the advancement of technology has changed human relationships with the biosphere and its system.

This year, BINUS University will host the 2nd ICOBAR 2020. The conference will be held on 23-24 June 2020 in Jakarta, with a theme “Towards Society 5.0: How Inter-disciplinary Research Contributes to Sustainable Smart Society”. We acknowledge that society and global ecosystem await Society 5.0 amidst the challenges facing the development of Society 4.0.  Big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet-of-Things (IoT) are the milestones for entering Society 5.0 within which innovation, intelligence, and technology will provide solutions for better human life and the ecosystem. Thus, as the theme of the 2nd ICOBAR, we put our attention to the issue of Society 5.0 and sustainability. We hope that through the discussion and knowledge sharing sessions, the conference will bring positive contribution and impact to both the academic society, policy makers and other key stakeholders in society

ICOBAR 2020 welcomes papers, original and unpublished work within the theme and scope of the conference. Paper should be between five to eight pages in length including figures, tables, references, and appendices. Applicants are encouraged to access the online registration webpage of the ICOBAR 2020.

Proceedings of selected and presented papers will be published by IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (EES) (indexed in Scopus)