Digimark 2023

[DIGIMARK 2023 : An Impactful Journey Embracing Digital Marketing Insights with DIGIMARK 2023]

DIGIMARK by BINUS International Undergraduate Program (Business Management and Marketing), is one of the work programs organized by HIMME BINUS. This event features an annual two-series event, comprising a national level digital marketing competition for high school students and an insightful seminar accessible to everyone. Both are aimed at navigating the changing world of digital marketing.

This year, DIGIMARK focuses on reaching Gen Alpha, highlighting the importance of connecting with these young, technology-driven individuals. The grand theme, “Marketing to Gen Alpha: Understanding and Engaging the Next Generation”. With the tagline “Cracking the Code to Connect with The Tech-Savvy Kids of Today,” DIGIMARK aims to foster this crucial connection, showing enthusiastic engagement from aspiring marketers.

For the competition, we narrowed the theme to “Fueling the Future: The Next Generation Marketing.” Collaborating with Speedwork Autocare, a company specializing in a user-friendly B2B platform connecting drivers seeking auto care services with trusted workshops, DIGIMARK welcomed 76 teams for the 2023 Competition, marking a 75% increase from last year.

Out of 76 passionate teams in DIGIMARK 2023, only five made it to the final stage. The Final Presentation Round of DIGIMARK 2023 featured experts and professionals such as Associate Head of Business Management and Marketing Program, Dr. Adilla Anggraeni, B.Bus., M.B.A; Deputy Head of Business Management and Marketing Program, Dr. Annetta Gunawan, S.E., M.M; and the Head of Marketing & Communication at Speedwork Indonesia, Mr. Imam Sumantri. The competition was moderated by our own General Manager of HIMME BINUS 2023/2024, Muhammad Axel, acting as both Project Supervisor and Project Manager.

After the competition, on December 16th 2023, we hosted a webinar featuring speakers from Boston Consulting Group (BCG). We invited Ruth Latreia and Gracella Jovita, management consultants at BCG, as our webinar speakers to perform a deep dive into Digital Marketing by bringing up the topics “Strategic Fusion: Harmonizing Business and Marketing Tactics for Gen Alpha” and “Beyond Pixels: Crafting Hyper-Personalized Customer Journeys for Gen Alpha”. We welcomed an astonishing 3,000+ registrants, which is five times higher than last year, making DIGIMARK 2023 the most successful HIMME Event since the start of the organization.

We would like to say thank you to Speedwork Autocare, Boston Consulting Group, all media partners, and our committees for the support and opportunities. All of the hard work and commitment truly made DIGIMARK 2023 an outstanding success.